The most important aspect of any digital large format printing project is your message. That message differentiates your project from all others. Getting the details of that message correct will be a one-time process. Products that display large format printing are mass-produced. Printing options available
Because all the columns are floated, this layout uses a clear:both declaration in the .footer rule. This clearing technique forces the .container to understand where the columns end in order to show any borders or background colors you place on the .container. If your design requires you to remove the .footer from the .container, you'll need to use a different clearing method. The most reliable will be to add after your final floated column (but before the .container closes). This will have the same clearing effect.
BANNERS - People just can't take their eyes off banners because of its 'Larger Than Life' images and bold size messages. Banner is also one of the most economical solutions for to achieve your advertising goal. Our banners are printed on 13oz. heavy duty weather resistant vinyl material with rich full color printing. Order now.
MESH SCREENS - Are perfect blend of fashion and function. Stick mesh screens with your colorful ads to your storefront windows. A mesh graphic screen has hundreds of tiny holes (about 1/8" dia.) in a Sq. ft. These tiny holes help preserve privacy for your business while you can see through the mesh screen so you know what's going on out there. Mesh screens also serve as a shade that reduce about 30% of sunlight coming into your store. Mesh screens are ideal for auto windshield panel commercial advertisements because of its durability. You can order Mesh Screen to be mounted on clear PVC from behind with top and bottom hanging rods (with hooks) so you can hang it with suction cups behind your store front window for easy removal or use clear fishing cable to hang-down from the ceiling
CAR MAGNETS – If your business has a vehicle, especially a van or truck, be sure to stick a pair of these full color magnets onto the doors, body panel, even the tailgate. Drive it around town to advertise your business or service. You will get surprising results out of that.
LED LIGHTED SIGNS - do you know why that those posters in the theaters are so attractive? It's because they're in the light signs/boxes. Now you can own the same attractive Lighted signs for your business and your home. They're not only signs but are also gorgeous great decorations. They are super thin of only 1/4" thick for the Crystal Lighted Signs, and only 1" thick for the Aluminum Lighted Signs! The long lasting LED bulbs deliver soft cyan glow light which adds more dynamic to your picture. We offer 2 types of LED lighted sign boxes: Aluminum LED Lighted Signs and Crystal LED Lighted Signs. Our Aluminum Lighted Signs are constructed with rigid yet very light-weight aluminum with beautiful smooth silver finish. Our Crystal Lighted Signs can bring your work or home environment to the next level with its elegant crystal clear design - just like a flat screen TV. If you just need the replacement light box insert.
LARGE FORMAT POSTERS - From advertising to promotions, Large Format Posters can be very useful in many different ways, such as in-store wall-mounted display, window display, and hang down form ceiling, etc. Large Format Posters are also great decorations for your home and business. Print your favorite pictures of loved ones, movies stars, sport stars, or celebrities and frame them. Another advantage about Large Format Poster is that you can order just ONE single poster instead of tens or hundreds. We also offer you FREE options like:
A) Self-adhesive posters (on back or front) - so you can stick the poster any surface you like.
B) Self-adhesive poster with movable/repositionable feature - unlike Option A with high strength adhesive, repositionable feature allows you to remove the poster and post it elsewhere with ease,
C) Clear/transparent see-thru posters - ever wonder that there are graphics and images on the window but you can still see what's going on outside? Clear posters can do the job!
POSTER STANDS/ BANNER STANDS – poster/ banner stands are high profit margin products almost every shop needs one to promote their specials and sales events. Best for tradeshows, lobbies, in-store promotions, point-of-sale, and even window displays. With its gigantic full color display screen, Poster Stands are sure to catch eyes and traffics. We offer 3 types of Poster Stands - Pull-up Poster Stands, X-type Poster Stands, and X-type Countertop Mini.
Car Wraps/ Vehicle Wraps The more you get your brand and your message out there, the more top of mind you'll be with your customers. And whether you drive a truck, a van, or a car, vehicle messaging is a good way to get the word out. It's also one of the least expensive and most effective ways to reach customers. Whatever the vehicle, our sign designers have your brand covered. We can design, produce and install just about any kind of graphic imaginable, from simple lettering and decals to monument signs and full body wraps. Whether it's a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, our designer team is meticulous and expedient. So if you want to hit the road in style and you want to do it fast, just give us a call.
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